Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Guests for lunch

Yesterday I spent some time at the Canopy Tower, to do some work and some birding along Old Gamboa Road in the afternoon with my friends from Cheepers! Birding on a Budget.  Everyone is enjoying their time on their tour in Panama, and have seen some exciting birds and animals so far.  While sitting down for a delicious lunch at the tower, this Collared Aracari perched outside the window of the dining room, looking rather interested in what was on the menu!  Of course, a majority of the group abandoned their food at points to take advantage of the photo op, including myself! 

Collared Aracari
Collared Aracari, Pteroglossus torquatus, at the Canopy Tower
Collared Aracari
Collared Aracari, Pteroglossus torquatus, at the Canopy Tower
Old Gamboa Road extends through scrub and dry forest, and is a great place to find wrens, raptors, Lance-tailed Manakins (which we heard) and roosting Spectacled Owls right along the road!  Our quiet presence did not disturb this one and everyone in the group got fantastic views and photos (I have yet to get a good Spectacled Owl photo but this one will suffice for now).    
Spectacled Owl
Spectacled Owl, Pulsatrix perspicillata, roosting along Old Gamboa Road
Happy Birding! 

~ Jenn 

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